QREON GmbH develops, produces and delivers modern hybrid power plants, consisting of wind turbines (WT), photovoltaic plants (PV) and energy storage systems (ESS). We are working with regional project partners for the market introduction, approval, construction and operation – including servicing and maintenance – of the complete system solutions. More and more countries and regions are joining in, as the energy revolution has become a global ambition. In response to this, QREON is offering its system for relieving decentralised power grids and for directly supplying industries and communities.

The particular strengths of the company lie in the individual and location-specific design of technologically sustainable and economically viable complete system solutions, in particular in difficult local conditions, often in entirely new markets and for those from outside the industry who will soon be operating their own power supply. Drawing on 30 years of practical experience in the management team and technical departments, QREON always devises the perfect system solution and takes care of both the power plants and its clients in a sustainable manner.


QREON’s wind turbines with their integrated and freely scalable energy store are the cornerstone of the company’s work. Thanks to the stored power, a wide variety of requirements imposed on decentralised power supply systems can be satisfied, from medium-voltage grid support to direct supply of heavy consumers to true isolated operation in the event of a power outage or in the absence of a connection to a public power grid. Depending on the wind conditions and solar insolation as well as the need for stored power, QREON’s wind turbines are enhanced by yield-optimised photovoltaic plants and the technology and storage capacity of the energy store are defined. In 2014, the system properties were awarded the “Product Innovation of the Year” by the renowned renewable energy cluster EE.SH in Schleswig-Holstein.

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