German Renewable Award 2014

Winning the German Renewable Award in the category “Product Innovation of the Year 2014” was a hugely proud achievement and played a part in kick-starting certain company activities.


The innovation prize is awarded every year by the EEHH renewable energy cluster in Hamburg.  QREON won out against 8 other competitors in the category “Product Innovation of the Year”. The reason for the jury’s decision was this:

“Even in abnormal grid and wind conditions, wind turbines can be controlled autonomously by the integrated battery storage system. The system by QREON therefore expands the possibilities of remote monitoring and control. The product is worthy of the prize because it is an intelligent detailed solution that makes renewable energies more flexible with little outlay and also turns it into a more productive component of the energy system. The refinement of storage technologies and their application options are also crucial to the success of renewable technologies.”

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