The company QREON stands for innovative, high-quality and renewable energy system solutions


This gives rise to the structure, ethics and strategy of the company:


Over 30 years of experience in the development, certification, approval, funding, production, delivery, construction, commissioning, operation, servicing and maintenance of wind turbines, photovoltaic plants as well as energy stores and complex energy system solutions.

The highest level of quality at all levels through cooperation with system partners – often world market leaders in their specific discipline – or using their components and services.


Maximum energy yields through complete systems that are technically and economically optimised for maximum energy efficiency and power yields.

Intelligent outsourcing for low running costs yet high production rates with a high vertical range of manufacture in cooperation with system partners.

Use of subcomponents and systems that have proven their worth in long-term operation time and time again thanks to the highest level of technical availability, low operating costs, and durability.


Localisation of subservices and production of transport-intensive steel parts with accredited project partners are desirable and possible at all times.

Individual system solutions developed for the special requirements of weak networks or isolated operation.

Fast reaction and processing times – from project idea to commissioning at times in well under 18 months.

As a frequent initiator of innovations and inventions, QREON has already seen a large number of its technological developments become industry standard!


The QREON management team with specialist departments

The entire team at QREON has extensive experience in the relevant technology and business fields, specifically in product and project development in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering, and in acquisition, production, delivery and construction, as well as in marketing and sales, specifically for project and system partners or simply for licensees in the respective markets serving a wide variety of customers and their needs.


QREON’s many years of experience as an operator of wind farms and of photovoltaic plants and energy stores is also key. QREON knows from practical experience to pay particular attention to the central points and interfaces, which results in problem-free and high-yield operation, without experimenting with untested novelties or methods.


QREON’s system solutions are created 100% from the operator’s point of view, specifically for the customer, drawing on practical experience.


On this basis, in cooperation with our trained system partners, we can give our mutual clients optimal support with management’s superior expertise in the fields of banking, WT manufacture and investment.




The Q82 wind turbine with 2 MW nominal power is the core element of QREON’s energy systems. The rotor blades and performance class of the Q82 have been conceived so as to pre-empt problems and restrictions imposed by approvals, grid connection and local infrastructure, for example in terms of transporting the wind turbine parts. Of course, the special control and power electronics of the Q82 can also be used in larger wind turbines – with corresponding adaptation work. However, the focus is currently on the system integration of this proven technology at additional locations, with highly specific underlying conditions and requirements for decentralised power supply in these application scenarios. At the same time, the energy efficiency and durability of QREON’s photovoltaic plants and energy stores of various designs are constantly being enhanced together with industry partners. The production costs per kilowatt hour are now the same as those of individual generation units that do not use our energy and technology mix.


For project locations accessed by roads with limited load-bearing capacity, a lattice tower that is transported and delivered in standard containers can also be used for the Q82. This means that additional roads do not have to be built or can be built within reasonable limits.


Company philosophy

  1. System developer

As a full-range supplier, QREON is a developer and system integrator of power plant systems that are originally complex and not available on the market. With this goal came the developers’ motto “less is more”: every subsystem (WT, PV, ESS) is selected based on maximum operating experience and adaptability to diverse underlying conditions as well as minimal maintenance, and thus – taking a long-term view – the highest energy yields, and then integrated into the system.

However, every application – in particular in new markets – requires additional outlay for system integration. Even in these complex system solutions using QREON power plant units, QREON can transfer its wealth of experience in the subdisciplines to the regional industry and system partners. During this transfer and introduction phase, QREON lends support to its business partners right up to successful completion of the first projects and even beyond, by providing continuous training.

In this regard, QREON considers itself to be a developer and adviser for system integration with system partners as opposed to a manufacturer of individual wind turbines.

  1. Variable service package

QREON constantly adapts to current knowledge and the requirements of project and system partners and clients using variable service packages that are likely unique in the industry.

In the process, project partners and clients can benefit from QREON’s considerable expertise in the following areas:

  • Development know-how of our engineers and development partners
  • Production experience
  • Marketing and sales
  • Project development for complete WT/PV/ESS systems
  • Project management
  • Acquisition of key components/purchasing
  • Operation of wind farms, PV plants and energy storage systems
  • Management experience



  1. Quality

 QREON bases itself on “German Engineering” and “Made in Germany”, and therefore sets itself the highest standards of quality, with high-end product solutions guaranteeing many years of function and yield being the proven result.

Before the components and design of the complete wind turbine Q82 were incorporated into QREON’s portfolio, proof of lasting and unencumbered operational performance of the relevant technology and maximum yield efficiency even after 20 years – and in the case of photovoltaics, 30 years – was on everyone’s minds. The result speaks for itself: QREON’s Q82 has already been installed successfully over 1,000 times with an almost identical design, and is running very successfully without a hitch right across the world. In order to provide a significant boost, QREON has developed and successfully implemented new power electronics as the basis of the system solution. And just to name one more example, the photovoltaic modules of the solar power plants used by QREON provide a 30-year linear yield guarantee at 87% of initial power – one of the many indicators at QREON – which demonstrates the unquestionably high quality of its own components and those of system partners.

The quality management of QREON and of system partners is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.